5-Minute Persona Builder

Use ESM Inbound's 5-minute persona builder tool to create a basic buyer persona you can use to get started with targeting your marketing campaigns better.

It's designed as a speedy starting point to help you target your ideal buyers more specifically, based on what you already know about their demographics, habits, goals and pain points. The form is super-quick to fill in, offering you results in just five minutes (and you can create up to three personas!)

After submission, you'll receive an email with your persona attached which you can distribute to your team, save somewhere safe or print.

Build your personas

Build your customer personas

Fill in the form on this page to receive your customer personas by email. We'll send each persona that you create in a unique email. 

We'll send you a follow-up email every three months to check that your personas are still accurate, giving you the chance to make updates. 

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