Why did we start a growth agency for educational suppliers?

An open letter to our potential customers.

Dear educational supplier...

Our team spent years in the classroom. As teachers, we were senior leaders and middle leaders. We taught in a variety of different schools, each with different needs. We delivered great results and inspiring learning experiences for children from diverse backgrounds.

In our schools, we benefitted from excellent resources, reliable services and effective CPD.

Not all schools are that fortunate. Not all children get the best opportunities.

That’s why we launched ESM Inbound. We have combined our experience as teachers with our expertise of inbound marketing to help our clients bring first-rate products and services to schools.

If you want to get your product into more schools, to benefit more teachers and children, then we would be delighted to become your marketing agency.

Best wishes,

John Kelleher & Lucy Seymour

ESM Inbound's Directors

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