Adding video to your marketing, sales and service with HubSpot Video

By 2021, Cisco Systems believes that video will account for 80% of internet traffic. Not all of that will be Netflix, dogs playing the piano or Facetime calls. Video is on the verge of becoming the way that buyers expect to learn about your business.

In fact, according to Forbes, 90% of customers say video helps them make buying decisions. If that wasn't enough to persuade you that video should be part of your marketing and sales strategy, then what about 64% of customers saying that seeing a video makes them more likely to make a purchase?

Video is no longer an optional extra in your marketing plan, it should be a central part of your go-to market strategy.

The trouble with video marketing... until now

While consumer-level video hosting is freely available in the form of YouTube, professional-grade video marketing platforms often seem like an expensive add-on for businesses. At ESM Inbound, we love Wistia but – if your company has a large video library – the storage costs can soon add up.

Professional marketers have been left with a choice:

  • Use cheaper video-marketing platforms that don't include vital tools, such as calls-to-action and the ability to integrate with your CRM or marketing automation software
  • Or, invest in business-grade video-marketing tools with an ever-increasing cost.

Neither option is particularly attractive.

Enter HubSpot Video

Today, that compromise disappears. HubSpot Video is now live for all Professional and Enterprise portals  at no extra cost. That's right, for the same price as you're paying now, you'll get a genuinely professional video-marketing platform right inside your existing HubSpot portal.

If you don't already have a HubSpot Professional or Enterprise subscription, then the value proposition is even better than before. A comprehensive, all-in-one business solution with advanced video features.

...and look how easy it is to add video to your existing web assets:

Video gif


Powered by Vidyard's incredible video platform (but built natively into HubSpot), this combines power, flexibility and ease of use.

Video for sales and service teams

Your marketing team members aren't the only ones who stand to benefit from this launch. Anyone with a seat for Sales Hub Professional/Enterprise or Service Hub Professional/Enterprise will get access to video for their one-to-one emails.

Sales people can record and send demo videos (screenshare and webcam recordings) without ever leaving their HubSpot portal. Service and support professionals can walk customers through solutions to their problems in a short video.

Emails with video see an 8x increase in open-to-reply rates compared to text-only emails. And it helps you engage decision makers, too  Forbes found that 65% of executives visited a company's website after watching a video.

With HubSpot Video in Sales and Service Hub, you can give your team the ability to delight customers and engage prospects while saving time, and without having to learn a new software platform.

We asked some HubSpotters about HubSpot Video

I'm writing this blog post from INBOUND 2018, which means that we are surrounded by HubSpot team members! I took the opportunity to ask Jordan and Jorie why they're excited about the launch of HubSpot Video. Here's what they had to say (obviously, using HubSpot Video!): 


HubSpot Video


How can you get HubSpot Video?

HubSpot's video features are included in all of the Professional and Enterprise level hubs.

  • Marketing Hub users will be able to store their videos in HubSpot and embed them into website pages, landing pages and blog posts. You can include CTAs within a video and created workflow automations based on video analytics.
  • Sales Hub users will be able to quickly record and embed video into their one-to-one emails and get notifications when prospects watch a video.
  • Service Hub users will be able to record and embed video in their one-to-one emails. They will also be able to embed video into Knowledgebase articles.

Do you want to learn more about HubSpot Video?

As a HubSpot Diamond Agency Partner, we've had access to HubSpot Video for a while and we're excited to roll it out to our customers. If you'd like to learn how you can accelerate your marketing, sales and service offering with HubSpot Video, book a free call to explore these new features.

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