Create success for your business with this secret weapon: an inbound marketing expert

What does an inbound marketing specialist actually do? We get asked this a lot. 

And the truth is, each one is different. We can’t speak for others, but we like to think our team has devised the most comprehensive offering for you and your business – so what do we offer and how does our HubSpot Diamond-Partner business work to get you results?

We’re in the business of creating success for your team. Our job is to deliver winning inbound marketing campaigns, increasing leads and growing your business, while helping stakeholders across your business build faith and trust in your marketing team. We want to help your team get recognised for their hard work, innovation and impressive marketing results. So whether it's one-to-one coaching, HubSpot onboarding, content creation or a website overhaul you want, we can help. 


What we do:

We help you get your business up and running with HubSpot – whether it’s Marketing, Sales or Service Hub (or all three) you want guidance with. We're certain we can give you the best possible onboarding experience with this extensive platform, helping you grow in confidence with its vast capabilities, until you no longer need us.

The ESM Inbound mantra is to deliver a service that is better, faster and happier for our customers – and that’s the reputation we want to help your team win across your own business, too. Our aim is to get you acquainted with the different hubs so you can begin planning, uploading and reporting in your portal as soon as possible.

Throughout your three-month onboarding, we work with you to get you set up and using HubSpot as quickly as possible, and give you the support you need to start making a return on your investment:

Step 1: HubSpot Set-up

Your HubSpot portal will be set up and ready to use within 48 hours. This means you can going and really "start getting your hands dirty." We aim to get your first inbound marketing campaign launched within a month. We do this by asking you about your goals, buyer personas and previous campaigns, then teach you more about the inbound methodology, the buyer's journey and promotional opportunities.

Step 2: Training and coaching

Tinkering around with HubSpot, and watching educational videos is all very well, but we understand that most people need hands-on training.  Ahead of your first marketing campaign going live, we'll ensure you understand all the relevant tools to launch. You'll also have unlimited access to our daily training webinar for you and your entire team. This is always delivered live, with plenty of opportunities for questions.

Step 3: Ongoing support

You’ll have unlimited email support from our team. When we set you up, we give you access to our shared inbox, so you'll get a prompt response from the first person available. No question is too big or small; if you've got a query, fire it over and let us help you through it. You’ll also receive campaign consultation with an inbound-content expert which means your campaign will be tailored to your audience and utilise the best inbound methods to get it seen by the right people.

Success for your team:

We put structured steps in place to help your team succeed. We know that one of the best ways people learn is through face-to-face interaction, so we give you plenty of opportunities to speak to us throughout onboarding. We’ll give you:

  • Unlimited access to our daily interactive webinar timetable.
  • Access to webinars for as many people on your team as you would like.
  • The opportunity for participants to ask questions as we go.
  • A range of topics, always starting at the same time every weekday: 3pm GMT.
  • A fully certified HubSpot expert to lead the sessions.

Because of this personalised approach to training, you’ll see greater successes, faster. We find this style of learning is more effective than purely using reading materials, self-teaching guides or videos designed for a generic audience.

This way, you can get into the nitty-gritty details of HubSpot, asking the questions relevant to you and your customers, using real-life examples inside your portal, instead of trying to assimilate the information later on.

If it’s fast, thorough HubSpot training for your whole team you’re after, you’ve come to the right place. You can’t succeed in other areas until you’ve got the basics of the software you’re using mastered, and this is where our onboarding process steps up.


What we do:

Creating consistent, beautifully-crafted and remarkable content can be challenging. Sometimes our customers don’t have a dedicated content writer, or have one person trying to do everything which gets far too much for them; they just end up doing everything badly instead. That’s where our team of content experts steps in.

Once you understand the fundamentals of HubSpot, we’ll help you increase your traffic with on-brand content. We offer different content packages, as well as one-off tasks. If you choose to work with us, we will offer you:

Step 1: A defined consultation period

We want to find out as much as possible about you and your campaign ahead of beginning content creation. This means you'll talk with an inbound-content expert on our team, so we can build a full picture of you and your goals. A defined consultation period ahead of content creation means there is far less room for error later on and you get what you want faster.

Step 2: Tried-and-tested planning

We are all about processes. And nowhere is this more vital than when it comes to creating content. Pre-agreed turnaround times are worked into every plan so everyone understands the expectations, going in. The planning period gives you the ability to request specific features, functions and links in your content and means we can show you an idea of how the end result will look ahead of starting.

Step 3: Time to review and request 

We build in time for your to review and request small revisions to your content. As it's such a subjective part of your campaign, we recognise that there are likely to be small amends requested from your side. Instead of pushing back on this, we account for these in the overall timeline and accept them as part of the content creation process. We want you to love the content you receive from us and Step 3 is essential to this end result.

ESM Inbound gives you a consistent, repeatable process which will be the same every time. We understand that content is the backbone of any successful business; it’s our passion and we take it as seriously as you do.

Success for your team:

As a HubSpot Diamond-partner agency, we’re confident we can provide you with the high-quality content your business needs to increase leads. We’ve even shared how we get to know your business well enough to write as if we are you. Our process from start to finish is clearly outlined and we’re more than happy to share it with you – we have no secrets.

Whether you know exactly what you want, or need to talk things through with an expert first, our processes build in plenty of discussion, planning and review time so you’re completely happy with the outcome.

The best part is that we really focus on honing your content to your house style and tone of voice. We’ll upload the content for you and assign it to a team member at your business as the author. We’ll also help train you on the reporting tools within HubSpot so you can track data and illustrate your team’s content successes to the business.


What we do:

At ESM Inbound, we build websites on the HubSpot CMS. This platform has immense power for designing user-friendly, attractive websites that encourage visitors to convert – and the HubSpot team is constantly listening to feedback and adapting their offering accordingly. We work tirelessly to ensure your website delivers genuine results for your business: after all, it’s often the customer's first impression of your business.

AHOY centre website across 3 devices

We help you engage prospects with our six-step website design and development process, which includes:

Step 1: Reviewing and auditing

We'll review your analytics and audit your content; we need to know where we’re starting in order to measure the progress we’ll make together.

Step 2: Sitemap creation

We’ll create a detailed plan of your website's content and design it to help users and search engines navigate your site.

Step 3: Copywriting

Our professional content team will work their magic by creating persuasive, informative and accurate copy for each page of your site.

Step 4: Wireframes

You'll receive a diagram which communicates the different working elements of you website, showing structure and functionality.

Step 5: High-fidelity mockups

This is where we'll fill in the details; not just a skeleton, this is an accurate impression of how your finished website will actually look.

Step 6: Development

After approval from you, the website is finally created in HubSpot with all its moving parts incorporated, ready to be launched.

We will also maximise use of smart content where appropriate on your website. One of the most powerful features of the HubSpot CMS is that the content can change based on your knowledge of the visitor – it’s seriously clever stuff, and we love using it.

Success for your team:

A new website is a real opportunity to show you know your stuff. Your company website is something everyone at your business uses, so to create an updated, conversion-focused model is a big ask. But when your department pulls this off with the help of ESM Inbound, there will be highly qualified leads - and positive recognition -  heading your way.

Your company's website should be your best salesperson. If you’re able to bring more leads to your sales team, help your service team offer better support to customers, and attract more prospects through your content, your business will thrive, thanks to your new HubSpot website.


What we do:

We will provide you with a dedicated strategist to help your business grow. We know that not everyone learns in the same way, but face-to-face coaching is usually the best form of communication when it comes to learning new things.

If you’ve bought HubSpot, you'll want to get as much out of it as you can. This purchase is an investment for your company and you want to grow as a result. The powerful tools in your HubSpot portal will provide you with a competitive advantage, but you need to understand them yourself to get full use out of them.

When you choose ESM Inbound for HubSpot Coaching, you can be certain that you'll be working with a team that can help you achieve your goals. You'll be assigned a dedicated strategist who will follow these steps with you:

Step 1: Great communication

To begin with, we will plan a weekly video-call schedule with you. These regular calls are vital in helping you make great progress. Your strategist will follow our tried-and-tested method of identifying how you will meet your business goals using HubSpot's software. We will check how confident you're feeling with all HubSpot's different moving parts and plan our calls according to any weak spots.

Step 2: Taking a closer look at your campaign

Your strategist will apply successful inbound marketing, sales and service principles to your campaigns. If anything is missing or not quite working, it'll be identified by one of our professionals. A portal review will also be conducted to explore your data so far, and give your business a general health check. It's a great starting point and means we can quickly spot points for improvement and set targets.

Step 3: Coming up with an action plan

With your strategist, you’ll explore different options together, considering a range of solutions. You’ll narrow your options down, identifying those that are most effective and achievable.We need you to feel confident and happy with your next steps so it's important to us that you're as involved as possible in this part of the process. Together, you’ll come up with an action plan and this is documented in HubSpot Projects, allowing you to achieve your goals.

HubSpot Coaching process

Success for your team:

With options to coach one person, or up to a team of four managers, there’s a variety of ways for you to filter your learning down to your team members. We want you to turn your software investment into a source of revenue – ensuring as many people on your team as possible are trained up is a great way to demonstrate ROI.

The more people within your team that can use HubSpot and guide others through the system, the better. If your team of marketing experts also has the tools with which to build, report, track and publish in HubSpot, you’ll be invaluable assets to your organisation. Not that we leave you in the lurch once your coaching call is over – you’ll also be supported with up to two hours of email support per person, per month.

Our four key areas of expertise are designed to offer value and support to any type of business. These four cornerstones of ESM Inbound are designed to cover every possibility at your business, but if you don’t see the service you’re after – reach out to us. Our list of skills isn’t exhaustive and chances are, we’ve worked on an issue similar to yours before and can help you. We don’t hog the limelight for ourselves; instead, we put you front and centre as the heroes of your business.

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