Record breaking e-commerce sales in November and December

Consumers in the USA are no longer making last minute trips to the shops for holiday gifts. In fact, American consumers spent a record $204.5 billion (£105 billion) online in November and December 2021. So, not only are they buying online but they’re also buying for the holiday period sooner. 



This means that marketers need to prepare holiday campaigns far earlier than in previous years as consumers are in holiday mode by the beginning of November. This could be because we were allowed a relatively normal Christmas in comparison to that of 2020. 

Buyers were also far more likely to buy despite fewer discounts in 2021. For example, within electronics, there was an average of an 8% discount on products, compared to 21% the year before.

What do you think? Is e-commerce continuing to rise, or are we simply living in a pandemic and physical stores will make a comeback soon?

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