Generate more leads from your blog posts with CTAs [video]

Is your blog generating leads for your business? If not, then there's a quick and simple way to improve the click-through rate of your blog posts - adding a call-to-action. 

In this Tip of the Week, I'll show you how adding a simple call-to-action to the bottom of your blog posts can increase traffic to your landing pages


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What is a CTA? 

A call-to-action is a simple link (often in the form of a button or image) that shows your website visitors an offer related to the content they're reading. Is your blog post talking about the best ways to plan a lesson? Include a CTA pointing towards a lesson planning template. Have you written about the benefits of school trips? Add a CTA directing readers to a list of must-see destinations. 

What makes a CTA effective? 

A great CTA will add value to the content that a reader is already engaging with while gently moving them to the next stage of the Buyer's Journey

Your calls-to-action should be eye-catching and feature action-based language. If you're sending people to a downloadable resource, then say 'Download your resource' rather than 'Click here'. 

Learn more about CTAs when marketing to schools

If you found this tip useful, then we've got plenty more. We'll be uploading a new tip each week, each with an emphasis on quick, actionable steps that you can take to turn more teachers into leads for your business. 

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