How to create a persona in HubSpot

How to create a persona in HubSpot that you can use to segment your leads for better marketing

This knowledge base article will show you how to create a new persona in HubSpot that can be used to identify the different leads that you generate so that you can target them with more specific content relevant to their wants and needs.


Create a persona:

  1. At the top right go to "Settings" by clicking on the cog icon.
  2. On the left menu bar click on "Properties".
  3. In the search bar type in "Persona".
  4. Click on "Persona".
  5. Click on "Add another persona".
  6. You can now add Basic Information, Internal Notes, Demographics, and Story.
  7. Once you are done click "Save".


For more information on creating and editing personas, read here:

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