How to create HubSpot forms that convert

How to create and customise a HubSpot form that sits on a landing page on your website

This knowledge base article will show you how to create and customise a HubSpot form with various contact property fields as well as best practices when designing forms to achieve the highest conversion rate.


Create a new form:

  1. Select “Marketing”, “Lead Capture”, “Forms”
  2. Click “Create Form”
  3. Select “Regular Form”


HubSpot provides a variety of pre-built form templates such as; Registration, Contact Us, Newsletter Signup, eBook Download and Event Registration. For this article we are going to select “Blank Template”.


  1. Select “Blank Template” and click “Start”
  2. Select the contact properties you want the user to input on the left panel and drag them onto the form on the right hand side (by clicking “More” above the field, you can choose to make it optional or required for the user to fill in to submit”
  3. By scrolling down on the left hand panel you will see options to add new fields to customise your form such as “Rich Text” to add any copy you would like. You can also click on the existing “Submit” button and change the text. 
  4. The “Follow Up” tab at the top gives you the option to add a follow up email that will automatically send to a user after they have submitted your form.
  5. The “Options” tab allows you to either display custom text to someone after they have submitted your form or to direct them to another page such as a thank you page. You also have the option of sending a notification email that someone has submitted your form.
  6. Lastly, “Style & preview” allows you to customise your form by changing fonts, text colours, as well as to preview how your form will look on different screen sizes.
  7. Once you are happy click “Publish”, you will now be able to select your published forms when adding a form to a landing page.


Best practices when creating forms

When creating a form it is important to think about where your contact is in their buyers journey. Don’t ask for tons of personal contact information from somebody who has only just visited your website as this creates friction and lower chance of conversion. 


Make sure that your contacts know exactly why they are filling out your form and confirm this by having a clear and direct button at the bottom of your form such as “Download Now”.


If you are interested in learning more about creating forms in-depth, read here:

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