How to log and track emails with HubSpot

How to use the HubSpot Sales Extension tool to automatically log and track emails within HubSpot

The following knowledge base article will explain how to turn on and off the log and track feature for emails of HubSpot’s Sales extension tool.


How to log and track emails:

  1. Make sure you have the HubSpot Sales extension tool installed on your email client.
  2. Open your email client and click on the HubSpot logo to open the extension menu.
  3. Click on “Log and track settings”.
  4. You can now click on the blue slider to turn on or off logging and tracking.


Logging your emails will bring your emails into HubSpot to be accessible and viewable within the CRM and under contact records.

Tracking your emails will allow you to see when a person has opened your email, at what time they opened it and how many times they have read it.

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