Key times to engage in a marketing audit for UK businesses

Businesses often look at a wide array of solutions before discovering that the first step to the correct solution is auditing your marketing. A marketing audit is about more than just pointing out what isn't working, it's about identifying the reasons behind it, and looking at the tweaks that can be made to improve your marketing efforts. In this post, James Mulvaney, our Director of Marketing, discusses some key examples when audits can save UK businesses a lot of time and money.

When it feels like you need to start from scratch

In this video, James explains that one common mistake businesses make is starting from scratch and, in turn, starting from behind. Whereas, an audit will give you a head-start on your next project: 


"We need a new website"

If you build a new website without first auditing your current one, you're not giving yourself any chance to learn from previous mistakes or capitalise on past victories. You're also putting yourself in a risky position - remove the risk with an audit. 


When you've just acquired a new business  

Acquiring a business should automatically trigger a series of audits to make sure you get maximum value from your (already substantial) investment.

Marketing audits are a lot like the precursor to change: if you feel like your marketing efforts need a change, an audit is a sure-fire way to avoid wasting time on creating new plans, when really, what you need to do, is just tweak your current plans.

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