Nielsen enables advertisers to target individual members of a household

Nielsen - a global marketing research firm - has launched a new tool that will help advertisers understand which member of your household is watching a streaming programme in real time.  But what does this mean for businesses? 

As an advertiser, you’ll now be able to cater adverts on streaming sites to each individual member of a household, so you’ll be able to target adverts aimed at a viewer’s age group, gender, and more. The company says its new “streaming signals” tool will help advertisers save money on badly targeted ads. But how does it work? 

If, for example, you’re streaming Love Island over David Attenborough’s latest documentary, advertisers will be able to determine that you’re likely to be in the 18-25 category, and will be able to cater and show adverts for, say a fast fashion brand, over a life insurance ad aimed at someone in their 50s. All of this happens in real time - within 50 milliseconds to be exact - so advertisers will know who is watching tv at any given moment.

Scary, right? But, what do you think? Would you enjoy seeing ads for products that you’re more likely to buy or is this a step too far? 

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