We're building a video production studio

For years, ESM Inbound has offered content marketing. We create blog posts, pillar pages, ebooks and interactive resources. And we do so to an incredibly high standard. 

Historically, however, we've done very little video work for our clients. We've helped them to storyboard, write scripts and edit videos. Our team has even created animated videos and used stock footage to create explainer videos our clients can use on their websites. 

This week, that's changed. We're busy building our own video production studio with two rooms that will be dedicated to recording videos for our clients. 

Why are we building a video production studio? 

There's no doubt that video is a vital part of your marketing and sales collateral. Written content, such as blog posts, isn't going away but video is rapidly becoming the primary medium for online content. 

Just look at the rise of YouTube, Netflix and TikTok. Three very different companies that each redefined online content consumption habits by putting video at the centre of their offering. 

We would be letting our clients down if we didn't create a premium video creation service designed. 

As a result, we're formalising our video creation services and, to do so, we're starting with our video production studio. 

Watch this introductory video to see me talk through our reasons for building the video production studio:

HubSpot Video


What equipment did we purchase?

We purchased everything you can think of for a video studio. That includes: 

  • 4K capable video cameras
  • high-quality lighting equipment
  • lavalier microphones
  • podcast microphones
  • acoustic treatment panels
  • audio mixing desks and audio interfaces
  • shotgun microphones
  • large UHD televisions for screenings of the content we create
  • a green screen
  • two sofas to create a cozy interview environment
  • all manner of cables and accessories. 

That equipment is set up and ready to go in two rooms dedicated purely to video production. In fact, as a remote business, it's the first time that ESM Inbound has a physical space. 

You can see the equipment that was delivered on the first day of the studio build in this video: 

HubSpot Video


One thing you don't see in the equipment delivery is our green screen, which had been installed earlier that morning: 

HubSpot Video


One thing we learnt is that green screens are very creased when they arrive, so we had our work cut out to de-wrinkle the screen. That's what led to this rock and roll experience... steaming the green screen: 

HubSpot Video


What are some of the equipment highlights? 

There was so much equipment delivered that it would be impossible to showcase it all. We did, however, create some low-fi videos while we unboxed a few key items. 

Great audio is so important for high-quality videos. To help us create audio that is consistently great and literally follows the presenter as they move, we invested in the Rode Wireless Go II system: 

HubSpot Video


While wireless lavalier microphones make a big difference, condensor microphones create a much more premium sound. For this, we invested in the Zoom H8 audio recorder: 

HubSpot Video


When recording video footage, modern production studios don't need to have an operator for every single camera. That does, however, require an easy way to see the footage while it's being recorded. To help with this, we invested in 28" Samsung UDH monitors: 

HubSpot Video


What can we do with the video production studio? 

After a day and a half of unboxing and setting up equipment, we spent a little time creating a basic demonstration of some of the capabilities we have with the new equipment: 

HubSpot Video


One of the things we noticed in that video, however, was that the room still had a lot of reverberation. In other words, there was a bit of an echo in the audio that made the sound feel 'empty'. As a result, we spent the next day carefully applying acoustic panelling, which absorbs sound waves and helps us to control the audio quality in our recordings. 

To demonstrate the impact of that work, we created a quick 'before and after' video comparing our audio on day one with how it sounds at the end of day three. You can hear the difference in this recording: 

HubSpot Video


How and when can clients use our video production studio?

Our video production studios will be available for clients to use from the first week of January 2022. If you'd like to book a slot, then schedule a call with a member of our team to discuss your needs

If you'd like to watch some of our content, then why not visit our YouTube channel, where we're posting all our new video content. 

Visit our YouTube channel

ESM Inbound is hosting all our video content on our dedicated YouTube channel. This is where you'll find all our videos for digital professionals. 

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