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Marketing campaigns are a critical element to the overall strategy of any business.

Whether in short bursts, or a longer-term campaign, they can drive your marketing in the direction it needs, sustainably achieving your goals. 

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Brand awareness campaigns

Many of our clients come to us already knowing they have a traffic issue when it comes to their business. Not enough people are visiting their website or finding them on search engines, and there just isn’t enough awareness about their brand. Whether it’s you or us diagnosing and resolving this issue, we can then move forward with a brand awareness campaign.

The campaign encompasses a range of tactics to broaden your digital reach and get your business in front of more prospective customers (and ones who will be genuinely interested in you). Before starting our work with you, we may request to complete an SEO & content audit to see what your current online visibility is and give us a benchmark to boost your brand awareness. 

Lead generation campaigns

To generate leads, you need to accurately identify and attract customer personas while carefully qualifying each lead. ESM Inbound's lead generation campaigns focus on driving the right people to your business to ensure that you're achieving maximum ROI.

Lead generation campaigns include several tactics that help you reach more prospective customers (particularly those who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer). 

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Lead nurturing campaigns

Lead nurturing, simply, is the process of turning leads into customers. It’s a frustrating fact that the majority of B2B leads that your marketing or sales tactics generate are not ready to buy your product or services immediately.

Therefore, it is key that a lead nurturing campaign forms part of your overall marketing strategy. To provide useful and relevant content that builds trust, answers questions, assuages objections and nudges leads into making a purchase decision over the duration of a customers’ typical buying cycle. 

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