Careers at ESM Inbound

Bring the best products to schools with a career at ESM.

ESM Inbound is a fast-growing inbound marketing agency. Over the coming months, we are looking to grow our team of marketers so that we can continue to provide effective, personalised marketing services to education suppliers.

Who can work at ESM?

We are looking for people who:

  • genuinely believe in the ESM Values
  • have technical skills across a variety of marketing platforms
  • can write great copy for online and offline projects

If you match all three of these traits, then we definitely want to hear from you! If you hold our values and one of the other two skills, then please do get in touch – we will happily train you on the third.

Fantastic marketers who don’t believe in the ESM Values? Thank you for your interest but you will enjoy working at a different agency much more than you would at ESM.

This diagram shows our thoughts about hiring people at ESM:

ESM Recruitment Principles

The ESM Values

ESM provides inbound marketing and salesservices to organisations that sell products and services to schools. To help us work with the best clients in the sector, we have identified three values that underpin all of ESM’s work.

We work with organisations and individuals that are looking to:

  • change life chances for children and young people
  • encourage inspiring learning experiences
  • make schools happier places to learn and work

If these values matter to you, then you will love working at ESM Inbound.

Current vacancies

We're currently looking for writers, designers and developers. Click the links below to learn more about the specific roles that we are looking to recruit for:

Are you ready to work at ESM?

Fantastic! We’re looking forward to seeing your application.

We have a three-step application process to join our team:

  1. Values & Skills Audit
  2. CV & References
  3. Interview & Skills Test

Every step of this process is designed to make sure that you will enjoy working at ESM and that you have the skills necessary to help our clients succeed.

ESM Application Process

Values & Skills audit

We are looking for people who uphold the ESM Values. You should also have great technical skills and/or the ability to write great copy. The ESM Values & Skills Audit is your chance to show us that you are the right person to join our team.

If your audit indicates that you are a great fit to work at ESM Inbound, then you will be asked to send your CV & References. If not, then we will get in touch with feedback about your application. 

CV & references

You have shown that you have the skills and values to work at ESM – we want to get to know you! To get started, we want to know about your work history. We will ask you to send an up-to-date CV and contact details for two references. At least one of these references should be from a former employer.

If your CV and references verify what you told us in your Values & Skills Audit, then we will invite you to join us for the Interview & Skills Test. If not, then we will get in touch with feedback about your application.  

Interview & skills test

You hold the ESM Values, you have great marketing skills and you have the experience to back it up – we want to meet you! We will invite you to the ESM office in London Bridge. We will have a conversation about your interests, experience, ambitions and plans.

We will also ask you to undertake two tasks based on your answers to the Values and Skills Audit. Don’t worry, we’ll be asking you to show us the skills that you’ve told us you’re best at.

If your interview and skills test verify that you have the skills and values to work at ESM, then we will get in touch to let you know the good news! If not, then we will provide you with feedback about your application.

Ready to join ESM Inbound? 

If you feel ready to join Team ESM, then it's time to fill our our Values & Skills audit! We can't wait to hear from you and welcome you to our team! 

Why join ESM Inbound? 

Exceptional Training

Rewarding work

A range of clients

Fast-Growing Agency

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