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Increase your traffic with on-brand content

Creating remarkable, engaging content that your audience really wants to read is a big ask. You may find you don’t have the time and resources to do it in-house. As a HubSpot Diamond agency partner with our own experienced content team, we’re confident we can provide you with the high-quality content your business needs to increase leads.

At ESM Inbound, we are committed to delivering a service that is better, faster and happier for our customers. Through our content packages, we will work with you to ensure you get:

  • campaign consultation with an inbound content expert
  • a consistent, repeatable process which will be the same every time
  • a defined consultation period ahead of content creation
  • the ability to request specific features, functions and links
  • an in-depth planning process
  • built-in time for you to review and request changes to content
  • ongoing support from a friendly, professional content-team member
  • pre-agreed turnaround times so everyone understands expectations.

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Content creation with ESM Inbound: a tried-and-tested process that works for you

Content is the backbone of any successful business. We take our own content seriously, and apply the same attention to detail in our customers’ campaigns. To get to this high standard, we’ve worked tirelessly to develop our processes, ensuring content is rigorously researched, educational and right first time.

Whether you know exactly what you want, or need to talk things through with an expert to get a better idea, our processes build in plenty of discussion, planning and review time so you’re completely happy with the outcome.

So whether it’s familiar webpages, blog posts and e-books you’re after, or something more cutting edge, such as pillar pages and chatbots, we’ll deliver content that’s going to engage and convert your audience.

As with all our retainers, content pricing is based on an hourly rate which decreases the more hours you purchase. How you spend your hours each month is entirely down to you - below is a breakdown of what content deliverables you can typically expect. 

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Monthly Content Packages

Choose a content package that meets your business' needs. 

Happy Content



15 hours of content support at a rate of £100 per hour

Typical deliverables include...

1x blog post

1x one-page lead magnet

1x pop-up conversion form for lead magnet


2x blog posts

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Happier Content



25 hours of content support at a rate of £95 per hour

Typical deliverables include...

1x pillar page

1x one-page lead magnet

1x pop-up conversion form for lead magnet


1x case study

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Happiest Content



40 hours of content support at a rate of £90 per hour

Typical deliverables include...

4x blog posts

4x weekly newsletters


1x customer persona and inbound campaign plan


1x interactive quiz

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Common questions about content marketing services

If you're considering content creation services with any agency, then you'll want to know the answers to the following questions. 

Who will write our content? 

You will work with our in-house content creation team. Our writers are highly-experienced at writing effective marketing content that helps you to generate traffic and leads for your business. 

How will you be able to write content about our business? 

Our content creation process includes a comprehensive interview with a subject matter expert — usually a member of your team or one of your customers. We use this interview to inform what we write and ensure that we preserve your brand voice. You can learn about how we prepare to write content for you in this blog post

What sort of content will I get? 

This will depend on what's right for your business. During your initial consultation call, we will look at your business needs, your buyer personas and the questions that are asked during the sales process. From here, we'll plan out your campaigns and specific content pieces. This could include blog posts, pillar pages, ebooks, interactive resources (e.g. quizzes). By working with ESM Inbound, you don't just get access to writers — our team includes designers, developers and marketing strategists. If you can imagine a content format, then our team can make it a reality. 

How long does it take to see results from content marketing? 

The time it takes to see results from content marketing depends on a number of factors. The amount of content you publish each month, the format of the content and the effort invested into promoting it. In most circumstances, you should start to see growth in organic traffic within the first three months. Content marketing is a cumulative process so the rate of growth increases over time. If you promote your content through social media, email marketing and paid traffic then you will see results much faster. 

What are some of the challenges when outsourcing content creation to an agency? 

Outsourced content creation comes with a number of challenges. Ensuring consistent tone of voice, controlling cost and project management. We've written a blog post that addresses the most common hurdles and what we've done to either mitigate or eliminate these concerns

How do you write content that helps with search engine optimisation (SEO)? 

SEO shouldn't be an afterthought when it comes to content creation but nor should you be 'writing for Google' instead of humans. Good SEO for content creation combines thinking about content topic clusters, long-tail keywords and internal/external linking. Above all else, the content should be valuable and well written. You can learn about a few SEO considerations for content creation in this blog post

What is your content quality assurance (QA) process? 

'Quality' might sound like a subjective term when it comes to content but there are many ways you can ensure that your content marketing meets the grade. Every agency should have their own content QA process — you can read about how ESM Inbound QAs every single piece of content in this blog post


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