Customer acquisition 

Close customers with email marketing and sales enablement. 


Turning leads into customers

Lead generation is just the first step to growing your business as an educational supplier. Having built your lead list, it's time to identify the school leaders most likely to benefit from your services and turn them into customers. 

ESM has two approaches to customer acquisition when selling to schools:

Marketing automation

Sales enablement

ESM Inbound works with educational suppliers and edtech companies to develop the right customer acqusition strategy for you. 

Marketing automation

Traditional email marketing blasts a newsletter or offer to a broad list of leads. The email is sent at a time that suits the sender. While this worked in the past, today's teachers and school leaders expect information in a more timely manner. 

Marketing automation will ensure that your leads receive the right marketing communication at the right time. You can send an email to school leaders when they look at your pricing page or a few hours after they visit your site without getting in touch. 

This automation isn't limited to email. With ESM Inbound, you can create internal alerts, schedule sales calls and even dynamically change the content of your website. 

Marketing automation allows your leads to tell you when they're ready to buy. 

Sales enablement

ESM Inbound helps educational suppliers to develop a sales strategy that: 

  • identifies qualified leads
  • connects with school leaders
  • explores your offer and the school's needs
  • advises the prospect until they become a customer

We can develop this strategy for your business and help you to implement it with our sales enablement services, including: 

  • CRM implementation and optimisation
  • sales and marketing alignment
  • defining the buyer's journey and mapping this to your sales tools
  • lead routing
  • sales chat integrations with your website
  • sales email templates
  • sales script writing and optimisation

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