Customer persona creation

A customised profile of the teachers and school leaders who would be your ideal customer.

Sell to more schools with a fully-customised buyer persona

Your company might sell to schools but your ideal customer persona needs to be more specific than that. Are you targeting headteachers of secondary single academy trusts? Should you be reaching out to literacy co-ordinators in local authority primary schools? Precisely who will be involved in the buying process? 

The people buying your product or service are more than just job titles, and they're more than just schools. The more you know about your buyers, the better you can market to them. 

Why develop a customer persona?

ESM's Customer Persona Creation service will provide you with a carefully researched persona profile, which you can use to: 

  • inform content creation
  • create custom audiences for pay-per-click advertising
  • identify ideal potential customers

Customer personas for selling to schools

What's included in the Customer Persona Creation service?

Interviews with your existing customers

Original research into potential customers

Complete profile of buying Preferences

questions for each stage of the buyer's journey

Start reaching more teachers and school leaders

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