6 steps to migrate to
Google Analytics 4

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Google will sunset Universal Analytics on 1st July 2023

But what does that mean for marketers?

To prevent data loss, ensure your data is migrated to the new GA4 platform carefully, and well in advance of the sunset. 

When you log into Google Analytics, it may prompt you to upgrade to GA4, and if you go to the admin section, you will find the GA4 Set-Up Assistant. This being said, the assistant is intended for experienced GA users and doesn't cover everything, so you may end up missing some of your previous data if you only follow the guidance of the assistant, which is why it can be useful to outsource the migration.   

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Why is it critical that you migrate to GA4?

  •  Universal Analytics properties will no longer process data. UA will still provide historical data for six months after July 1st 2023. After that point, your data will be lost.  
  •  No access to historical data from Universal Analytics in GA4 as this doesn't get transferred over in the migration process.  
  •  The interfaces are largely different so it will take some time to fully understand and navigate the updated metrics and incorporate them into your future marketing reports.