HubSpot Onboarding with ESM Inbound

A comprehensive overview of your first 12 weeks with HubSpot

Discover the fastest, most effective and best-value approach to getting started with HubSpot

Complete-onboarding-workbook-mockupThis comprehensive 12-page workbook is designed to help structure your first weeks with HubSpot. Along with your project manager, you can complete tasks, ask questions and make notes in this resource, helping you learn at your pace.   

Download the workbook today to find out: 

  • The 12 steps that take you from HubSpot beginner to pro 
  • Which tasks are done for you, done with you and done by you
  • The order in which things will happen during the process
  • Your week-by-week onboarding objectives.

Who should download this workbook?

This workbook is for anyone who: 

  • Is thinking about purchasing HubSpot
  • Has purchased HubSpot but isn't getting the most from the platform
  • Needs expert advice to develop an inbound marketing strategy
  • Has 'inherited' HubSpot from your predecessor.

In short, if you want an overview of how an expert HubSpot onboarding experience looks, this workbook will show you what to expect. 

Download your Onboarding Workbook

Included in the workbook

Step-by-step guidance

Weekly overviews

In-depth detailed breakdown

Set homework tasks