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You didn't buy HubSpot for the sake of it. Your purchase was an investment in your company's continued business growth. When you completed your activation link, you did so knowing that the powerful tools in your HubSpot portal would provide you with a competitive advantage. 

Like any tool, making the purchase isn't enough. You need to use it the right way. 

With HubSpot Coaching from ESM Inbound, one of our strategists will make sure you're taking all the steps necessary to turn your software investment into a source of revenue, rather than an expense on your balance sheet. We'll help you set goals, develop plans to achieve them and then we'll work with you to put those plans into action. 

Why choose ESM Inbound for HubSpot Coaching? 

When you choose ESM Inbound for HubSpot Coaching, you can be certain you're working with a team that can help you achieve your goals. You'll be assigned a dedicated strategist who will: 

  • be fully-certified in all HubSpot tools
  • have completed the Inbound Certification
  • be experienced at planning and managing inbound campaigns.
HubSpot Coaching with ESM Inbound

What's involved in HubSpot Coaching? 

HubSpot Coaching takes the form of a weekly video call with a dedicated strategist for your business. This call follows our tried-and-tested method of identifying how you will meet your business goals using HubSpot's software and inbound marketing, sales and service principles: 

  • Portal review: an exploration of the data in your HubSpot portal and a general health check
  • Explore options: compare the status quo to your business goals and consider a range of solutions
  • Narrow options: identify the options that are most effective and achievable
  • Action plan: document an action plan in HubSpot Projects that will allow you to achieve your goals.

HubSpot Coaching processThis weekly call is supported with up to two hours of email support per person, per month. 

What level of coaching do you need?

Coaching packages

Choose the right level of coaching for you and your business.




Coaching for one person

Monthly one-hour video call

Email support

Monthly report with recommendations

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Coaching for up to four people

One call per person, per month

Email support

Monthly report with recommendations

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Coaching for up to four managers

One call per manager, per month

Email support for up to 15 people

Monthly report with recommendations

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What's included in HubSpot Coaching with ESM Inbound? 

Weekly Video Call

Two hours of email support

Real-time data dashboards

Dedicated strategist

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