HubSpot Onboarding

Get your HubSpot portal and first campaign out of the gates in a month...

...and have another two months of one-to-one support. 

Fast, personalised and effective HubSpot onboarding

When it comes to getting businesses up-and-running with HubSpot Marketing, Sales or Service Hub, our team has figured it out. Having configured dozens of HubSpot portals (ranging from the free CRM, all the way to the premium Enterprise package), we're certain that we can give you the best possible onboarding experience. Even better, we'll offer you our Professional and Enterprise onboarding service at a price that will save you more than £1,000 compared to purchasing directly from HubSpot. 

At ESM Inbound, we set the quality bar high. We will work with you to ensure that: 

  • your HubSpot portal, including templates, is configured within the first month
  • your first inbound campaign is launched in a month
  • you receive coaching with HubSpot-certified experts with Qualified Teacher Status
  • you benefit from ongoing support for your first three months as a HubSpot customer


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HubSpot onboarding: get started sooner and spend less

We've mastered the art of configuring the HubSpot CRM, Sales Hub, Service Hub and Marketing Hub. Our streamlined process means that we can take you from purchase to all systems go in far less time than the standard onboarding service.

HubSpot's standard onboarding service is a six-week programme with additional consultation calls. With ESM Inbound, you can be up-and-running in three weeks (depending on the complexity of your needs) and still get our consulting services. That's why we can offer onboarding for £1,400, which is substantially cheaper than the £2,450 Professional onboarding fee direct from HubSpot.

For companies looking at HubSpot Enterprise, we can offer even greater savings - Enterprise Onboarding with ESM Inbound costs £3,300 compared to £4,900 when purchased from HubSpot.

HubSpot Deals Overview

What happens during onboarding?

Our HubSpot onboarding service is comprehensive and tailored to your company's needs. We'll start with a video call where we'll discuss your needs and establish the systems that you need to integrate with your new CRM. With an understanding of your business and our experience of the HubSpot platform, we'll tackle the immediate technical onboarding needs, including:

  • configuring HubSpot tracking code
  • filtering your internal traffic
  • setting notification preferences
  • connecting your website
  • configuring your email and content settings

We'll then work with you to ensure that your company's data is uploaded and optimised to make the most of your investment. Our team will then coach you through a three-week programme to launch your first inbound marketing campaign so that you can start generating leads as quickly as possible.

What happens during onboarding?


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Month One

In your first month, we'll work in a series of one-week sprints, each designed to get you up-and-running with a specific aspect of HubSpot and inbound marketing. 

Onboarding Sprints

Months Two & Three

Weekly calls with a senior strategist. During the call we will use the following process:

Consulting Process

Optional: upgrade to on-site onboarding

Our standard onboarding packages are an efficient and effective remote onboarding service. Managed with a series of weekly video calls and measuring progress using HubSpot Projects, it's a powerful way to get up-and-running with your new HubSpot portal. Some companies, however, prefer to have a member of our team visit your offices and lead onboarding sessions face-to-face. 

With On-Site Onboarding from ESM Inbound, you can have a member of our senior team come to your office for two days. In that time, we'll explore: 

  • buyer personas
  • buyer's journey
  • contact in HubSpot and list segmentation
  • planning an inbound campaign
  • email best practice
  • creating a conversion path
  • blogging, topic clusters and pillar pages
  • social media
  • lead nurturing
  • reporting

This two-day service is an add-on to our standard onboarding process and is charged at £1,800. This means that On-Site HubSpot Professional Onboarding costs £3,200 and HubSpot Enterprise Onboarding costs £5,100. Purchasing the same option directly from HubSpot costs at least £12,600 - making ESM Inbound's option less than half price! 

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Alternatively, if you have questions about the service, then click here to book a call and discuss your needs.

If you would like to pay by invoice, then book a call and we will arrange this for you on the phone. Please keep in mind that payment must be made in full before your onboarding process can begin.

Included in HubSpot Onboarding with ESM Inbound

Full technical setup

Weekly Coaching Call

Persona creation

Campaign Planning

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