HubSpot Onboarding

Get your HubSpot portal and first campaign out of the gates in a month...

...and have another two months of one-to-one support. 

Fast, personalised and effective HubSpot onboarding

When it comes to getting businesses up-and-running with HubSpot Marketing, Sales or Service Hub, our team has figured it out. Having configured dozens of HubSpot portals (ranging from the free CRM, all the way to the premium Enterprise package), we're certain that we can give you the best possible onboarding experience. Even better, we'll offer you our Professional and Enterprise onboarding service at a price that will save you more than £1,000 compared to purchasing directly from HubSpot. 

At ESM Inbound, we set the quality bar high. We will work with you to ensure that: 

  • your HubSpot portal, including templates, is configured within the first month
  • your first inbound campaign is launched in a month
  • you receive coaching with HubSpot-certified experts with Qualified Teacher Status
  • you benefit from ongoing support for your first three months as a HubSpot customer


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HubSpot onboarding: get started sooner and spend less

We've mastered the art of configuring the HubSpot CRM, Sales Hub, Service Hub and Marketing Hub. Our streamlined process means that we can take you from purchase to all systems go in far less time than the standard onboarding service.

HubSpot's standard onboarding service is a six-week programme with additional consultation calls. With ESM Inbound, you can be up-and-running in three weeks (depending on the complexity of your needs) and still get our consulting services. That's why we can offer onboarding for £1,400, which is substantially cheaper than the £2,450 Professional onboarding fee direct from HubSpot.

For companies looking at HubSpot Enterprise, we can offer even greater savings - Enterprise Onboarding with ESM Inbound costs £3,300 compared to £4,900 when purchased from HubSpot.

HubSpot Deals Overview

What happens during onboarding?

HubSpot Onboarding Timeline

This timeline maps out our standard process for onboarding customers to the Marketing Hub Professional package. The specific details of your onboarding service will vary depending on your needs. 

Call one

Kickoff Call

Establish goals and needs. Plan the marketing-sales handoff process and ensure that all relevant tools are integrated. 

Call two

CRM & lead handoff

How will the CRM be set up? What is an MQL and an SQL? General setup of your HubSpot portal. 

Call three

Personas & tools

Establish your customer personas and identify possible campaigns at the Awareness, Consideration & Decision stages. 

Map inbound marketing to the tools in HubSpot.

Call four

Conversion sequences

How to make the most of the lead capture tools in HubSpot: forms, landing pages, thank you pages, emails, CTAs. 
Call five

Goals & campaign planning

Revisit the goals - ensure that they're SMART goals and related to Visits/Leads/Customers/Conversion Rates. What are your KPIs and the leading indicators that you need reports on?

Plan the details of a campaign (content offer, promotional blog posts, conversion sequence, etc)

Call six

Blog planning

Create a blog post calendar - this should identify content at Awareness, Consideration & Decision stages. Each post should be linked to a planned campaign.

Call seven


How to make the most of the Workflows tool - both for nurturing and data management.

Call eight

Campaign launch

Review details of your campaign content. Launch the campaign during the call.

Call nine

Campaign review

How did the campaign launch go? What does the data tell us about your customers and prospects? What are the areas for improvement?

Call ten

Portal review

Review the data in your HubSpot portal and identify areas for improvement. How can we convert more visitors to leads, and more leads into customers? 
Call eleven

Portal review

Assess impact of last week's portal review? What changes have improved the data? What areas for improvement should be explored? 
Call twelve

Onboarding review

What's gone well during onboarding? Is your team ready to take control of your HubSpot portal? What, if any, ongoing support would you like from ESM Inbound? 

Choose your HubSpot onboarding service

Onboarding options

The onboarding service that you choose will depend on the HubSpot products that you plan to purchase. 

Sales & Service Hub



All tools configured

Training for your team

3 months of support

Get started

Marketing Hub Pro



Full technical setup

Training for your team

3 months of support

Get started

Marketing Hub Enterprise



Everything from Pro setup

Advanced report configuration

Support for multiple domains

Get started

Get started with your HubSpot onboarding

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