Inbound Basic 

Traffic and lead generation for selling to schools. 


Inbound Basic is ESM's service for educational suppliers and edtech companies looking to raise the profile of their organisation and turn website visitors into leads. 

The deliverables in this offer are focused on two of our four strands of ESM Inbound's Selling to Schools methodology: 

Traffic Generation

Lead Generation

The strands not included in this package are Customer Acquisition and Customer Success

Traffic Generation

The Traffic Generation elements of Inbound Basic are delivered through the following deliverables: 

  • 1x blog post each month
  • 1x email campaign each month
  • social media scheduling for one network

The blog post gives teachers and school leaders a reason to visit your website and improves your company's presence in website results. 

The email campaign brings your existing leads back to your website, giving you the opportunity to build more information about their preferences surrounding your product. 

The social media scheduling points school leaders back to your website and promotes the blog posts, lead magnets and promotional copy on your website. 

Lead generation

Inbound Basic enables Lead Generation through the following deliverables: 

  • 1x lead magnet each month
  • 1x landing page sequence each month
  • CTA design

The lead magnet is a downloadable resource that teachers and school leaders will find genuinely useful. It is hosted behind a gated landing page, which asks visitors for their contact details. 

The image and button CTAs are placed throughout your website (including at the bottom of blog posts) to promote your lead magnet. This ensures that there's always a pathway for website visitors to turn into leads. 


Inbound Basic has been designed for companies that are ready to grow their business with a proven Selling to Schools methodology.

We offer this service at a cost of £75 per ESM Marketing Point, which works out at just £1,725 per month (+VAT) when paid in quarterly up-front installments.  Alternative payment plans are available. 

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