3 Reasons you should have a chat-bot on your website

There was a lot of talk and hype about chat-bots throughout the course of last year, but what function do they serve, and should you have one on your website?

Below we will cover 3 reasons why you should look at building and implementing a chat-bot on your website. Chat-bots are a lot more than automated responses and live chat. So let’s get started.

3 Reasons you should have a chat-bot on your website

Lead Generation

Chat-bots can be a great source of lead generation on your website. Whether it’s a simple “Contact Us” quick response, or a “Skip the form” option, your chat-bot has the ability to create new contacts and generate new leads for you.

Let’s go through some examples:

Newsletter/Blog Registration

Do you have a newsletter or a blog? Why not have a chat-bot that appears on high traffic blog posts asking the user if they would like to receive your newsletter with similar content every week/month? With just a simple email address required, you have effortlessly generated a new lead, and you know what type of content that person is interested in!

Skip the Form 

Try putting a chat-bot on pages where you have gated content. A lot of people are reluctant to fill out a whole form with their personal information just to access a PDF. By adding a chat-bot to these pages that gives the user a chance to skip the form with a simple message along the lines of: 

“Want to skip the long form? What is your email address and I will send you the PDF directly!” 

…you will see an increase in new conversions as this path reduces friction for the overall experience.

3 Reasons you should have a chat-bot on your website

Marketing & Sales Qualification

By having a chat-bot on your website, you can quickly identify the needs and interests of that person, but also their level of sales readiness.

Your chat-bot can ask qualifying questions such as:

  • What industry are you in?
  • What size is your company?
  • Are you looking for:
  1. Financial Reporting
  2. Operational Management
  3. Enterprise Resource Planning

This will allow you to not only market to what the contact is interested in, but also what is relevant for them. Nurturing campaigns and sales out-reach emails can be tailored according to the specific qualifying path a contact has gone down while communicating with your chat-bot.

Your chat-bot can also have the ability to offer contacts the chance to book a call or a meeting directly through their conversation. This can be really helpful as some contacts can get turned off by the idea of having to speak to a human directly. Your chat-bot can offer a level of convenience and instantaneous that a lot of people will find appealing. 

3 Reasons you should have a chat-bot on your website


A website can sometimes be a daunting place for someone looking for specific information. Having a chat-bot on your website can help guide people around your website and give an overall better user experience.

“Hi there, can I help you find what you are looking for?”

Your chat-bot can also provide people with links to specific blogs and PDFs you may have as well as even give pricing on a specific product. Qualifying questions can help a person identify what may be relevant to them and from their answers, the chat-bot can direct them to the right place. 

Chat-bots can also give people the chance to switch to a real person on your team to engage with them and answer any questions they may have.

3 Reasons you should have a chat-bot on your website