DNS Settings Template

Do you need to setup sub-domains and need a template to add the relevant settings to do so? Here is an easy to populate template that you can use so that you have all the information you need to add sub-domains to a website hosting provider.



Access the premium DNS Settings Template below

This template gives you an easy to populate table that to store all the information needed to correctly add sub-domains to a website hosting provider..


To action these DNS Settings with your client you can offer the following steps:

1. Log in to your domain provider

2. In the main navigation menu of your DNS provider, got to DNS > DNS settings

3. Add the records in the DNS Settings template for [sub-domain]

4. Verify that the records have been added correctly and that the content is ready to go live


This template includes fields for:

  • CNAME Value to host landing pages on the new sub-domain
  • CNAME Value to send emails via the new sub-domain
  • TXT Value to add the SPF record for the new sub-domain

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