How to A/B test effectively

A/B testing requires patience and precision, and if used correctly, can become a digital marketer’s most powerful tool. 

  • What is A/B testing?
  • What can you A/B test?
  • How do you A/B test effectively?


What is A/B testing?

A/B testing is the method of creating multiple variants of the same marketing asset in order to test which is the most effective for reaching your desired goal. A/B testing can be as simple as sending out two versions of the same marketing email with two different subject lines to see which has the highest open rate. Or it can be as complex as pointing leads to two different versions of the same landing page.

Sounds easy enough? The problem is that sometimes, we make too many changes between our multiple variants that we are unable to determine exactly what it is that we changed that is now working.

So before we go into how to effectively A/B test, we first need to know what we can A/B test.

What can you A/B test?

As said earlier, A/B testing can be used on almost any marketing asset in order to reach your desired marketing goal. 

A/B testing can be used on individual assets such as an email or a simple CTA. But it can also be used on an entire marketing campaign to compare customer journeys and reduce points of friction and bounce rate.

How do you A/B test effectively?

Here are some simple ways to A/B test various assets to achieve some desired goals.

Open Rate

Try changing subject lines and “From” names and addresses. Shorter subject lines that are question orientated may show higher open rates, and “From” names and addresses that are generic and overused may show lower open rates.

Form Submissions

Not getting enough people completing your forms? Have a look at the number of form fields on your form as well as the types of questions you are asking.

Try simplifying your forms and making some of your questions optional for submission.

Click Rate

Are your ads getting tons of impressions but no clicks? Try changing the wording of your CTA, the colour of the button, and the text above your ad. Creating different variations of your ad will give you an idea of what type of content your target audience responds better to.

The trick with A/B testing is always to keep it simple and to not over-complicate it. Don’t make too many changes between your variants as you won’t be able to determine which individual change has made a difference in your results. 

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