Three steps to better performing CTAs

Are your call-to-actions (CTA) not getting any clicks? More often than not, we under-estimate the unconscious decision that goes into clicking on a CTA. As it turns out, there’s a lot more to creating an effective and attractive CTA than just having “Download Now” in big bold letters spread across your landing page. Let’s go into some tips and tricks that we have figured out that can help you get more clicks.
Easy guide to CTAs

Button vs. Picture

When it comes to CTAs, there are two main types; buttons and pictures.

So which is better?

The truth is that there is no right or wrong answer here, instead it all comes down to design, copy, and execution. Pictures can be big, exciting and very attractive. But they can also come across as very “spammy” and can be overwhelming. 

A great way to minimise these concerns is to keep your CTA very simple in terms of imagery and to stick to your brand design guidelines. Having a feature image of your resource in your CTA will also help convince viewers that they will indeed get what is promised to them once they click your CTA.

Buttons get straight to the point, but in the same sense as how pictures can turn off some viewers, buttons can come across as nefarious due to the fear of leaving a familiar page to be sent to another.

Try having a small piece of text near your button that states what will happen once they click it. For example, explain that by clicking it they will be re-directed to a thank you page where they will receive the resource. 

The internet, in its many forms, has taught us to be sceptical of anything that we have to click on that could potentially take us somewhere, or do something, without our consent. The key is to be as transparent and clear about where your CTA goes, and what will happen post click.

Easy guide to CTAs

Be Clear

If you are using a picture CTA to offer a download of your latest eBook, why not show a picture or preview of your resource on the actual CTA? 

Instead of just putting some text into your picture CTA that says “Download”, why not try; “Click here to download this eBook”? 

In the case of using a button, having just “Download” might scare a few people off as once again, there is ultimately a lack of clarity on what will be downloaded. Try being as specific and clear as you can be by adding the title of the download in the CTA: Download “How to A/B test effectively”

Avoid using CTAs that ask questions or are very general such as:

  • Book
  • Interested?
  • Learn more
Easy guide to CTAs


Yes, colours are more important than you think! Psychology has proven that we subconsciously interpret the emotions associated with different colours. Meaning that certain colours will make us feel a certain way without us even realising.

The first thing to be aware of when using colours is to make sure that you are being continuous with your colour scheme throughout the ad, the CTA, and the landing page. This is important because viewers will not only get a more professional sense from your ads, but it will also provide a level of comfort to them knowing that what they may be clicking on isn’t separate from your offering or brand.

The second thing to be conscious of when picking your colours for your CTA, is to make sure that your CTA stands out, and that the colour chosen provides a level of comfort, urgency or professionalism depending on what your offering is.

For example, would you click a button to “Book a call” that is in bright red? Chances are unlikely because it will almost make you feel forced and pressured. 

These are conscious decisions that you as a digital marketer can make that will influence the unconscious decisions of the people you are marketing to. Think about that, it’s very powerful.

Easy guide to CTAs