How to get new leads and drive engagement with LinkedIn

Learn how one standard status post on LinkedIn got over 150 comments and over 6,000 views.

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Getting more leads from LinkedIn doesn’t have to come from an expensive or time consuming lead generation campaign. Sometimes, getting new leads and driving engagement just requires the right mix of value, empathy, insights, and even a few emojis!

So how exactly did one status get over 6,000 views and 150+ comments?

Provide Value Where You Can

If you are offering specific services as an individual or company, why not showcase some of what you offer in the form of a free PDF or eBook? 

By creating valuable content for your audience, you will attract more people to yourself and your company. This leads to more trust between you and your prospective customers because they know what to expect from you, and more importantly, you have offered to help them for free before asking for money!

This is inbound marketing at its finest. The difference here is in the approach. Instead of posting a link to your landing page with a big scary form on it, we have offered the free resource over LinkedIn with just a comment required from our lead to gain access.

This approach reduces the friction of asking someone for their personal information, and keeps them on LinkedIn. This prevents disruption of their overall user experience.

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Relate and Empathise

Think about what you are offering, and then think about why you would want to download it? 

Use your experience and knowledge of your industry to empathise with prospective leads by explaining how your content can solve a particular issue they may be facing. 

By showing that you understand the types of problems that your contacts may be dealing with, you make your content more approachable and relatable.

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Explain What They're Getting

Now remember, if the contact has gotten this far in reading your post, they have spent more time reading your status than most others they will come across in their timeline, so don’t waste their time! 

Get to the facts and quickly and effectively communicate exactly what you are offering. Do not write another long paragraph or provide a snippet from your content, instead give the high-level overview in a concise and clear manner.

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To Get Engagement, You Must Engage

This is the part most people fall short with. If you are looking for engagement from people, then you, yourself need to engage with them. The way this LinkedIn post was structured, was that if the contact wanted the free content, they needed to then comment on the post showing interest. In-turn, every comment was uniquely replied to individually. This helped the post to be shown to more people via the LinkedIn engagement algorithm because it was seen as a popular post at the time. 

Each person who showed interest in receiving the content was then messaged directly via LinkedIn inbox with a link to download the content. This type of personal interaction prompted additional one-on-one conversations that normally would not be present in a general content offering post.

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If you want your posts to be shown to the right audience members without having to pay for specific audience targeting, then using hashtags is a great way to get your post in front of the right eyes. 

Use popular hashtags that relate the content that you are providing. Remember to keep hashtags short and sweet, and to stay away from long sentences that just look messy and most likely unreadable.  

Hashtags will help group your posts with similar posts on similar topics. These posts will then be shown to people who engage with that type of content the most often. Meaning that your post will not only go further, but it will be seen by the right audience too.

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