Social media monitoring for educational suppliers 

A free ebook to help you listen to and engage with teachers and school leaders

Monitoring your company’s social media presence is incredibly important. Teachers and school leaders are an active community on social media, so you need to respond when they mention you, and understand how they view your brand.

Social media isn’t some magical fairy dust that makes leads come rushing in. It’s hard work that involves an investment of time and resources to get right.

This ebook is designed to help you formulate a daily routine of monitoring the relationship of your brand with teachers and school leaders.

How can you take advantage of the limited time you have in a day to get the best results possible? This 44-page ebook will teach you:

  • the channels you should monitor
  • the monitoring streams you should create
  • the best way to respond to teachers' comments about your brand

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Social media monitoring for educational suppliers

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Make the most of each social channel

Keywords to monitor on social media

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Daily routines for social media monitoring