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What are ESM Inbound's payment terms?

ESM Inbound's standard payment terms are that payment is due in full before work can begin. Invoices are issued at the point an agreement is signed and are due on receipt.

We don't believe in small print, so we make sure our payment terms for a project or retainer are clearly indicated on the proposal you sign. Where appropriate, these terms will even be in bold text. Here is an example of a typical payment terms line in one of our proposals: 

Typical payment termsYour proposal will also link to our terms and conditions of service

Standard payment terms

As standard, payment needs to be received in full before work can begin. This applies to: 

  • No-Risk Retainers
  • Standard Retainers
  • Projects below £10,000 (before VAT)

The invoice will be issued within one working day of the proposal being signed and will be due on receipt. If payment is not received before work is scheduled to begin, then we will discuss a new start date with you. 

Projects above the £10,000 threshold

For projects above the £10,000 threshold, we will arrange a monthly payment plan. This will be calculated as: 

[total value of the project] / [planned duration of the project in months] = [monthly payment value]

In this scenario, payment is due in full at the start of each month. Late payments will result in work being paused. Under no circumstances can a project go live without full payment being received. Intellectual property belongs to ESM Inbound until full payment is received. 

Non-standard payment terms

Net 30 payment

We can offer Net 30 payment terms to a small number of our clients. In this scenario: 

  • The invoice is still issued at the time the project is signed but payment terms are set as Net 30
  • An additional 10% charge is issued 
  • If payment is late, then all work will stop until payment is received in full. Future payments will be on Net 0 payment terms.

Proof of payment

In a very limited number of cases, you can provide 'proof of payment' to show that a payment has been actioned but not yet received by ESM Inbound. This can be particularly useful for international payments or BACS payments. 

Proof of payment can be: 

  • A screenshot from your bank's online banking platform showing a completed payment
  • A note on your bank's letter-headed paper showing the date the payment was made
  • A remittance advice showing the date the payment was made. 

The following are not acceptable as proof of payment: 

  • An email from your finance team
  • A purchase order
  • A screenshot showing a request to make payment. 

l and we will charge your Direct Debit mandate under the Direct Debit Guarantee.