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Why does ESM Inbound record calls?

ESM Inbound records calls in order to increase clarity around project scope, and to support the training needs of our team.

ESM Inbound routlinely records the video and audio calls attended by our team members. These recordings are stored in the following accounts: 

  • Zoom
  • Google Meet
  • CircleLoop
  • HubSpot. 

Our call recordings are integrated with transcription services that are synchronised with the original recording.

The call recordings are used as a reference point while our team is confirming the scope of a project or task. This allows our team members to reference a previous discussion while creating scoping documents, designs or other assets for your business. We have found that this significantly increases the likelihood that clients are satisfied with the first draft of our work. 

On occasion, we will make use of call recordings as part of a training activity. This will usually be a coaching exercise where a line manager or senior leader works with a team member to identify opportunities to deliver better service in future. 

If you would like your conversation not to be recorded, then you should feel free to ask the ESM Inbound team member to stop the recording. 

If you would like us to delete a specific recording please provide the exact date and approximate time of the call, and whether it was a video or audio call. Our team will then review our logs and delete the appropriate recording.