How to create unique HubSpot properties for Contacts, Companies, Deals & Tickets

How to create custom properties in HubSpot that fit your business requirements

This knowledge base article will show you how to create custom properties for contacts, companies, deals and tickets within your HubSpot portal as well as the different types of properties that you can create.


Create unique HubSpot properties:

  1. Go to “Settings”
  2. Go to “Properties” on the left side panel
  3. Select either “Contacts”, “Companies”, “Deals”, or “Tickets”
  4. Select “Create Property”
  5. Give your new property a label and internal name
  6. Select your property field type and click “Create”


You are also given the option on whether or not you would like to have your new custom properties be visible in forms as well if the information they collect is searchable to HubSpot users.


What are the different field types that you can choose from for your new property?

To find out more about what the different property field types are click here:

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